The Real Flocking Story

Let's Get Down To The Dirty Truth
Hidden ingredients, vague ingredient labels, and chemicals are often found in the brands we once trusted. We wanted full transparency, which is why all of our plant-based ingredients are show cased in clear, glass to show you exactly what you will be putting on your skin. Dirty Lamb is a multi-cultural skin care line that offers high-performance natural hand-crafted formulations to treat various skin concerns. Ahlam Khan creates gender inclusive skin care products that leave your skin - and your bathroom - immaculate! We're here to reveal the best version of yourself in just a few days.
Who The Flock is Dirty Lamb?
Founder Ahlam Khan known as (Lam) quit her job as a NICU nurse to commit full-time to grow Dirty Lamb. Unhappy with skin care available to her Khan decided to take matters into her own hands and took her passion for cooking towards creating a skin care line for everyone to enjoy. With her American-Palestinian up bringing Khan tends to highlight ingredients that were frequently used in her kitchen growing up. An all natural and luxurious skin care line that was handmade & effective was hard to find until Dirty Lamb was founded in 2016.

Who Gives A Flock About Formulations?

We do! Every step of Dirty Lamb is sourced ethically. From grinding locally sourced coffee beans to our nutrient-dense infusions. Everything is done at one place by hands that give love and care to each unique product delivered to your door. Products are made fresh weekly, to ensure potent maximum natural goodness to your skin. Join us in this journey, and we guarantee that by the end, you'll be glowing inside out. 

"I want to bring the five star restaurant experience to skin care & to everyone around the world which is my main reason for creating Dirty Lamb." -Ahlam Khan
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