Putting the Lam in Dirty Lamb

Putting the Lam in Dirty Lamb

Who the Flock is Dirty Lamb?

In 2016, founder Ahlam Khan, who goes by Lam, was unhappy with skincare products on the market. So many products made empty promises of healing skin concerns while simultaneously sneaking in harsh chemicals and irritating ingredients in their formulas. Things like fillers, parabens, synthetic fragrances,  and sulfates all caused more harm than good. Fed up with the big beauty brands she once trusted, Lam decided to take matters into her own hands. She quit her job as a NICU nurse to spend her time creating a new skin care company called Dirty Lamb. She’s never looked back.

Lam Khan founder of Dirty Lamb clean skincare

Growing up in an American-Palestinian household, Lam spent time next to her mother from a young age learning the traditional Middle Eastern dishes that have stood the test of time. She learned early on how to use natural, aromatic ingredients that are thousands of years old, and have incredible benefits that are just now becoming popular thanks to cultures being brought to light. She decided to infuse her passion for cooking into developing a skincare line for everyone to enjoy. Fresh and natural ingredients like cinnamon, turmeric, organic freshly ground coffee, and peppermint can be found in Dirty Lamb products because Lam has seen their powerful effects firsthand in cooking and now in skincare. Once she realized how these natural ingredients have transformed the lives of her flock, Lam now travels the world looking for the next amazing recipe that will shake up the industry. 


Lam created gender-inclusive skin care products that are clean, vegan, non-toxic, organic, locally sourced, and completely cruelty-free. With high-quality ingredients and luxurious, hand-crafted, effective formulations, there is a product for everyone to enjoy. People with all different kinds of skin types, textures, and concerns can benefit from Dirty Lamb because of the genuinely good ingredients in each product. Products are made fresh weekly, to make sure they remain fresh and potent, all so that our clients get the maximum benefits from the effective ingredients. 


Every step of the product creation process is sourced ethically, from grinding locally sourced coffee beans to the nutrient-dense infusions in the serums. Lam and her team love being in the lab making each individual product with love and care to provide the best results for the clients. 

Lam says “I want to bring the five star restaurant experience to skin care and to everyone around the world, which is my main reason for creating Dirty Lamb.” 

Lam Khan, founder of Dirty Lamb, relaxing and wearing the Turkish Coffee Mask, one of Dirty Lamb's bestselling vegan, natural, clean, and high-quality products.

Dirty Lamb is the first of its kind, a skin care company you can completely trust, with products made multiculturally, gender-inclusively, completely vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty free. With different products for different skin concerns and types, everyone can benefit from Dirty Lamb and be glowing from the inside out.

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